Ramp up your skill set and trump the lock-down

With the coronavirus biting hard in every aspect of daily life. From dwindling economic fortunes to local and international suspicion, conspiracy theories and general anxiety. How are you making the best out of the lock-down?

For many goal focused people, the answer remains unchanged. “Learning something new”. Indeed it is truly tempting to just want to take a long chilled break off work. But remember that this wasn’t a “particular” planned holiday! And all around the World, the rules of learning and working are changing drastically.

Times are changing!

By May 2020, the United States had lost over 30 million jobs while the UN’s International Labour Organization predicts 1.6 billion informal economy workers around the World could suffer “massive damage” to their livelihoods. Economists and policy makers the World over agree that we are currently in uncharted waters. In these unprecedented times, “ramping up your skill sets” is our ultimate recommendation.

As measures are being rolled out across the World, with the lockdown gradually being relaxed, many companies are seeing the need to keep manpower down in order to maximize profit. This means that the road to recovery from job losses due to Covid-19, might be long, “dark and full of terrors”.

Ramping up your skill set helps you hedge and to mitigate against the economic catastrophe that Covid-19 presents the World. This means you’re returning to your previous job “when they come calling” stronger and better. It also means that you don’t get to depend entirely on your previous “know how”. Occupational mobility is “big” across the industrialized World and is even seen as an economic characteristic for first World countries. So, by ramping up your skill sets, you are not only mitigating against the risk of job loss, but also contributing positively to the entire economy (on a micro scale).

You shouldn’t have to be idle or less functional this period. Jump on that new skill or consolidate on an old one. Together, we will defeat the “rona” and come out unscathed!

May 29, 2020
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