Research Project and Analysis with SPSS & Eviews (No Certificate)



The course is divided into 6 Units of high definition, Interactive and explanatory videos to help you understand the basics of research analysis using SPSS (statistical package) & Eviews (econometric package)

Unit 1 covers a general Introduction to the course

Unit 2 covers the basics of Research design

Unit 3 introduces Models and ”stuff” at a rudimentary level

Unit 4 exposes learners to Primary data analysis with SPSS (You will learn how to carry out the Chi square test, 1 & 2 way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) using SPSS)

Unit 5 covers Secondary data analysis with Eviews (You will learn Unit Roots testing and Co-Integration analysis with Eviews)

Unit 6 introduces learners to OLS (ordinary least squares), ECM (error correction model) and ARDL (autoregressive distributive lag) analysis using Eviews.

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