How To Sell Educational Content Online and Earn a Lot!????

In the age of digital marketing, eCommerce and content creation; there is a stiff jostle for buzz as online marketers, stores, businesses and websites strive to bite the most of the traffic pie. For e-learning websites, it once felt like we were at the bottom of the web bustle chain until boom! The PANDEMIC. 

The World economic forum says there are currently 1.2 billion children out of the classroom and this cuts across the globe, every Country, from the 1st to the 3rd World has been gravely impacted by the abrupt socioeconomic battering of Covid-19. Institutions, policy makers and stakeholders in the educational sector are now constantly iterating to produce the most efficient methods at online learning.

At Portalay, we are one step forward; that's why we have created an e-learning market place to seamlessly connect professionals, educators, educational content creators and learners of all ages, level and discipline. I know you're craving to hear the best part, how do you create educational content online and earn a lot? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

1. Log on to 

2. Select:  Open a creator account 

3. Fill in the details and expect a validation in 1-3 business days.

4. Upload your courses, educational content or materials; select a price and send for approval.

5. Once your content is approved, promote it on social media or elsewhere and start earning like a boss!I told you it's a breeze!

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