What is a creator account?

A creator account is an account for creators and contributors. This includes professionals, educators (affiliated lecturers/certified teachers) and organizations. Upon registration, this type of account is created immediately, but takes at most 3 days to verify in order to ensure that creators are genuine or adequately qualified.

What is a learner account?

A learner account is for users who register for the purpose of learning only. It has no waiting period as learners can register, verify their accounts via email and start learning without delay.

How do I create a course?

Courses can be created only via a "creator" account. You simply navigate to your dashboard and select "add new course" or ''edit course''.

How do I create a class/session?

Classes/sessions are forums/chat rooms that can only be added by creators. You can navigate to your dashboard and select "add a forum", to create one. Courses also have forums were learners can exchange ideas or instructors can effectively reach out to learners.

What do organizations use Portalay for?

Organizations use Portalay to create courses specifically for their staff members (locked courses), for the general public (free courses) or for sale (paid courses).

What is a free course?

A free course is what the name implies, "free" to the general public.

What is a locked course?

A locked course is free but for a select audience and comes with a pass-code by the creator. Organisations and educators usually use locked courses for their staff members and students, since only those with a pass-code can access the course content.

What is a paid course?

A paid course is a monetized course by an organization, educator or professional.

How do I create a test/assessment?

Simply navigate to "add quiz" (from new course) in the dashboard of your creator/instructor account to create a test or assessment.

What do educators/lecturers use Portalay for?

Educators/teachers/lecturers use Portalay to teach their students over classrooms/forums and locked courses. They also use the test functions to assess students/learners periodically.

What do professionals use Portalay for?

Professionals use Portalay to impart knowledge freely and also to make money via monetized courses.

How do I monetize my courses?

Course monetization is a very simple process for creators. Simply select "add product" when adding a new course, set your price and endeavor to read, understand and complete the details on the "manage payments" page of your dashboard.

What is a Thoth course?

Thoth courses are carefully tailored professional courses created by organizations and strictly led by celebrities, policy experts and seasoned industry professionals. Thoth courses represent the highest standards of our value and the climax of our assurance of quality at Portalay.

Does Portalay create its own courses?

No, Portalay is an educational resource management and custom learning platform. While we take time to ensure that creators are qualified, credible and who they claim they are, we are however in no way affiliated with any creator.

(Please always use the "report creator" option on your learner dashboard if you suspect suspicious activities)

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