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Research Project & Analysis with SPSS & Eviews (I) is a full offline course which comes with a certificate option upon successful course completion. The course seamlessly exposes learners to the intricacies of research and analysis using IBM SPSS and Eviews software. Effort has been put to limit mathematical and theoretical details, so that learners can focus on the practical aspects and the most important part of research analysis using IBM’s SPSS and Eviews econometric package.

The course is divided into 6 Units of high definition, Interactive and explanatory videos to help you understand the basics of research analysis using SPSS (statistical package) & Eviews (econometric package)

Unit 1 covers a general Introduction to the course

Unit 2 covers the basics of Research design

Unit 3 introduces Models and ”stuff” at a rudimentary level

Unit 4 exposes learners to Primary data analysis with SPSS (You will learn how to carry out the Chi square test, 1 & 2 way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) using SPSS)

Unit 5 covers Secondary data analysis with Eviews (You will learn Unit Roots testing and Co-Integration analysis with Eviews)

Unit 6 introduces learners to OLS (ordinary least squares), ECM (error correction model) and ARDL (autoregressive distributive lag) analysis using Eviews.

Course Curriculum

Research Unit 1 00:00:00
Research Unit 2 00:00:00
Research Unit 2 Quiz 00:04:00
Research Unit 3 00:00:00
Research Unit 3 Quiz 00:04:00
Research Unit 4 00:00:00
Research Unit 4 Quiz 00:08:00
Research Unit 5 00:00:00
Research Unit 5 Quiz 00:08:00
Research Unit 6 00:00:00
Research Unit 6 Quiz 00:08:00
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  • 6 days
  • Course Certificate

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