This course aims to equip participants with the requisite skill-set to efficiently perform the role of an entry-level Support Specialist. The course will introduce learners to the world of customer support in Information Technology (IT) and digital business. The course will expose learners to interactive modules, where you will grasp the basics of being a product or customer support specialist.

This course covers a variety of beginner topics in IT and customer support/relations. Please note that successfully completing all modules, tasks and assessment with a pass mark of 90% and above, is the criterion for an award certificate in this course. The course contains the following topics/units:

  • 1 What is Customer Relationship Management? How to use CRM in My Business
  • 2 Building Value for You and for the Customer
  • 3 Implementing CRM in Your Business and Developing a CRM Strategy
  • 4 Social and Cloud-Based CRM
  • 5 Future Trends

Course Curriculum

Introduction to product (IT) support 00:10:00
Product Support Quiz 1 00:10:00
Succeeding in a product/tech support session 00:29:00
Product Support Quiz 2 00:10:00
Effective and Excellent Customer Service 00:25:00
Product Support Quiz 3 00:10:00
Current trends and the future of customer service 00:32:00
Product Support Quiz 4 00:10:00
  • 39,000.00
  • 10 minutes
  • Course Certificate

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