Ever wondered if there are certain peoples who do not have contact with the rest of the world? If yes, this unit is an eye-opener to the existence of different peoples who would rather be in isolation from the rest of the world, for certain reasons which are peculiar to them. One begins to wonder how these groups survive in the 21st century with the degree of technological advancement recorded. Allow your mind take you through history back to the age of the hunter-gatherer man.

The course covers uncontacted tribes and isolated peoples in the following regions: the Amazon (Latin America), Africa, Siberia; and also covers the UN actions and commitments to protecting/preserving these peoples.

Course Curriculum

Isolated Peoples
Introduction Details FREE 00:08:00
UN Actions and Commitments Details FREE 00:07:00
The Amazon and Latin America Details FREE 00:05:00
Africa Details FREE 00:05:00
Siberia Details FREE 00:05:00
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