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History, commitments and a practical approach to defending human rights is a massive open online training/course by GPGG Nigeria and is aimed at training young people, change makers and anyone interested in standing up for the rights of everyone.

The course/training contains 4 units bordering- the history of the human rights’ journey, rights and civil liberties since the 17th century, Universal declaration of human rights and subsequent charters, a practical approach to defending human rights and a comprehensive assessment on all units covered.

Some basic tasks are also required of learners/participants, especially wit respect to contributing to course forum/classroom discussions.

Course Curriculum

Defending human rights by GPGG Nigeria
Unit 1 (Defending rights) Details FREE 00:20:00
Unit 2 (Defending rights) Details FREE 02:00:00
Unit 3 (Defending rights) Details FREE 03:00:00
Unit 4 (Defending rights) Details FREE 00:35:00
Defending rights (Assessment) 00:40:00
  • FREE
  • 4 days

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