Fighting poverty and hunger is an instructional course aimed at helping young activists and young people passionate about addressing the poverty problem, to take action and meaningfully contribute to the global fight against hunger and poverty.

Delivered by Ceres, a Nigerian youth-led civil society initiative, this course although not age specific is tailored to appeal to young adults. The course contains 4 units which covers a working definition of poverty, policy options, choosing the right action plan, and initiative/project scale up. It finally concludes with an assessment to help learners accurately measure progress.

Course Curriculum

Fighting poverty
Unit 1 (fighting poverty) Details FREE 00:20:00
Unit 2 (fighting poverty) Details FREE 00:40:00
Unit 3 (fighting poverty) Details FREE 00:15:00
Unit 4 (fighting poverty) Details FREE 00:15:00
Assessment (fighting poverty) 00:00:00
  • FREE
  • 4 days

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