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This course covers between introductory and advanced excel functions for both beginners and experts. Learners will develop basic knowledge and are introduced specifically to Excel.

The course covers the following Units and topics:

Unit 1.


-Excel file = “Workbook”, not “Document”

-Columns (Represented by Letters) and Rows (Represented by Numbers)

-Cells = Intersection of Column and Row = Name or Address like B5 or A1, Worksheet = Sheet = All the Cells, Sheet Tab = Name of worksheet and Insert New Sheets

-Double-click Sheet Tab to highlight sheet name, then type sheet name, then hit Enter

-You can add new sheets with Plus button to the right of the sheets

-Workbook = All the sheets = File = File Name

-Selection Cursor is the “thick white cross with a slight black shadow” cursor

-Move Cursor

-Fill Handle = after you select a cell the little black square in the lower right corner

-Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor

-Entering data or formulas

Unit 2.

-Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor Magic

-Default Alignment In Excel

-Stylistic Formatting examples

-Select whole table

-Entering data into a large range of cells

Unit 3.


-First Formula using SUM

-Cell References

-AVERAGE Function

Unit 4.

-Percentage Formula with Relative Cell Reference and Absolute Cell References Cell

-Number Formatting

-Page Setup

-Move Sheet and Copying Sheet


Course Curriculum

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