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This course will introduce learners to the main concepts in development economics, such as modern growth theories and their relevance for low-income countries. The course also focuses on fundamental development issues such as poverty, inequality (including measurement issues, recent trends and the impact of inequality on the economy) social assistance, fiscal policy, labour markets, etc. in developing countries.

The course also has whole units specifically dedicated to non-traditional development issues in low income and emerging economies. While unit 1 presents a general introduction, unit 2 will introduce the concepts and theories of growth. Unit 3 covers growth theories through the lens of development economics, while units 4 and 5 shed light on urban economics and the political economy of foreign aid.

Course Curriculum

Development Economics
Introduction Details FREE 00:40:00
Theories of growth and development Details FREE 00:40:00
Growth theories through the lens of development economics Details FREE 03:00:00
Urban economics Details FREE 03:00:00
Political economy of foreign aid Details FREE 02:00:00
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