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Civic Responsibilities for Everyone is designed by Grassroots’ Project for good governance, a Nigerian youth-led civil society initiative advocating for citizen participation and improved governance in Nigeria. The course intends to encourage young people to take an active role in the government’s decision making process.

Spanning just 2 units and an assessment, this course wastes no time in properly explaining the definition and notions of civic responsibilities, obligations and duties.

Unit 1 begins with an in-depth understanding of the philosophical and theoretical understanding of citizenship, while unit 2 broadly explains civic duties, responsibilities and obligations in detail.

PS– Endeavor to watch the course introductory video and any attached material(s) provided.

Course Curriculum

Civic responsibilities for everyone
Units section
Unit 1 (What is citizenship?) Details FREE 00:45:00
Civic duties/responsibilities Details FREE 02:00:00
Civic responsibilities for everyone (Assessment) 00:25:00
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  • 2 days

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