This course is an introductory path to understanding business marketing. It explains business-to-business marketing and the difference between business markets and consumer markets. The course also focuses on supply chain and the importance of business – customer relationships.
There are no necessary prerequisites for this course, as learners with no marketing background can effectively take part.

PS- this course is self-taught

The course will explore the following areas as individual Units: Exploring Business Markets and Business Marketing, Creating Value for Business Customers, Managing B2B Channels and Supply Chain, Designing Profitable Customer Relationships, Building Strong Pricing, Advertising, and Sales Strategies, Marketing Performance Measurement.

Course Curriculum

Business to business marketing
B2B Marketing (Unit 1) Details FREE 00:10:00
B2B Marketing (Unit 2) Details FREE 00:15:00
B2B Marketing (Unit 3) Details FREE 00:15:00
B2B Marketing (Unit 4) Details FREE 00:20:00
B2B Marketing (Unit 5) Details FREE 00:15:00
B2B Marketing (Unit 6) Details FREE 00:25:00
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