3 Tips to Improve Your Retention Abilities

Scientists believe that the brain has the capacity to grow new neural connections everyday. This simply means the brain’s memory capacity is not fixed and as such, we can learn new things with each passing day. But of course with age, our memories decline and lose their retention abilities (albeit, slowly).

The good news is that while we cannot stop the aging process, we can improve our brain’s memory strength even as we grow older. Let us share some statistically and scientifically proven ways in which we can help our brains learn faster, improve retention and memory.

  1. Learn something new everyday

Learning new things don’t just make you knowledgeable, they make you smarter!

Our memories function like muscles. When you exercise often, you’ll notice improvements in your physical fitness. Same goes for mental strength. Learning something new everyday is like exercising your mind. With increased learning comes increased retention ability. And yes! With increased knowledge, your mental processes increase, thus improving your creative abilities and spontaneity.

So for instance, if you have been a bad artiste (singer) and you decide to learn something new everyday from now till this same day of next year, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up being a better singer next year (even though you’ve been learning nothing about music the whole time).

PS- this is not scientifically proven.????

  1. Physical exercise

Did you know scientists have studied rat and human brains and have concluded that regular physical exercise can improve memory recall.

“Why ‘rats’ and humans though?? Why not ‘rats’ and dolphins?! Oh that’s probably ratcist!

Now besides retention, regular exercise has also been proven to improve cognitive abilities in humans. Before you get ahead of yourself, physical exercise here doesn’t necessarily equate to sweating your ass out at the gym or straining your muscles trying really hard dead lifts. Just taking an evening stroll would get the job done!

  1. Sleep more!

Yes! It does sound ridiculous that something as empty as “sleeping” can do you a lot of good but my fiend! Sleeping does do you a lot of good!

Scientists who study the brain believe that sleeping is when the most part of our brain retention process occurs. They believe that when memory is first recorded in the brain, it is still fragile and easily forgotten, especially if the brain is asked to memorize more things. Napping seems to push memories to the brain’s more permanent storage, which prevents them from being overwritten.

While you’re working yourself hard to learn that new skill or course, always remember that a “nap” will you do much good, especially when you feel overstretched. So sleeping does do you good, “napping” specifically!! So you don’t try to sleep your way to success.????

May 30, 2020
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